Ujjain City

Ujjain, the Capital of Avanti kingdom in the 6th century, is one of the vital tourism spots in Madhya Pradesh as well as in India. Positioned below the tropic of cancer, the city is located on western side of the state and popularly known for Mahakaleshwar temple – an important Hindu pilgrim. Since ancient time Ujjain was famous for trade and commerce, education, politics, and religion. Many rulers try to capture Ujjain City in which Avanti kingdom emerged as strongest. It lost its political and commercial importance under the British patronage. Hence, the city remains as a pilgrim centre for Hindu religion people.


Ujjain is basically a temple city. One of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva was established in Ujjain which makes it one of the seven places to get Moksha. Mahakaleshwar, located on Rudra Sagar Lake, is widely known for Bhasma Aarti. Millions of devotees visit this temple every single year. In the medieval period, Sultan Shans-Ud-din destroyed this temple during his raid to Ujjain. Maratha general Ranoji Scindia built the current structure of this temple. Later other members of his dynasty further develop it and performed the management responsibility. Another attraction for tourist to visit in the city is Kumbh Mela, which is held in every 12 years. Its ancient name is Simhasta. During Kumbh Mela, pageant visit to Shri Ram Ghat most ancient bathing ghat. Devotee believes that bathing in Ram Ghat during Kumbh Mela symbolises purity, clarity.

Ujjain has numerous types of temples. Chin Taman temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. The word Chin Taman means relief for mental stress. Devotee visit here after Mahakaleshwar to get relaxed. Kal Bhairav temple is another name which is situated on ancient Kshipra River. Kal Bhairav manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with destruction is often seen angry eyes. He wears a garland of skull & snake necklace here. Alcohol, as parsed, is offered to Kal Bhairav. It is believed that Kal Bhairav drinks alcohol. Iskcon temple is renowned for Lord Krishna and Radha. It is considered as an excellent example of creativity, architecture, art and beauty of the modern century. Har Siddhi temple is considered as an important place in the history of Ujjain. It was built by Maratha during Maratha period. Udda Shala temple is popularly known for its astronomical instruments and for its 13 architectural and it is also known as Jantar Manter.

Mahakaleshw Temple

Even the history of Ujjain describes its religious importance. Many temples are there in this city. Shivaratri is considered the best time to visit the city which depends on tourism. The behaviour of local people with the tourist demands appreciations. Accommodation and other services are above the level of average. In a single, Ujjain is a perfect tourist spot for religious people.

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