Gully Boy is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift; it leaves no stone unturned

There is a difference in between the life I’m living and the life I want to live; Gully Boy shows it clearly and inspires us to fulfil our dreams by hook and crook. Zoya Akhtar film offers the story of an ordinary boy from Dharavi, who dreams for a better life and refuses to let adversity squash his spirit. Both Ranveer and Alia are as brilliant as the chemistry between them. You will feel good throughout the film. Music: 09 Screenplay: 10 Story Engagement: 10 Artistic Creativity: 09 Dialogues: 09…

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Concept influence

We, the Indians, love to talk about a Hindi film which is influenced by any overseas film, especially an English language film. We even find it interesting to criticise a Bollywood film which has a bit similarity with any regional film; i.e., Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, or Bhojpuri film. Very few among us think or speak about the reason or reasons behind such influence. Why two different films try to amplify a similar story? What inspires a filmmaker to think and work on a project which is identical to an…

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