Taslima Nasreen completes 25 years exile, gets one year extension in India

Taslima Nasreen

  Taslima Nasreen’s residence permit in India has been extended for one year. Who is Taslima Nasreen? She is a Bangladeshi – Swedish author. She belongs to a prestigious family in Bangladesh. She started writing when she was thirteen years. She was work in a government clinic in Dhaka in 1990. She left the national medical service in 1993. She started writing more than 30 books of poetry, novels, short stories, essays, and memories, and her books have been translated into 20 different languages. People have known for her writing…

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Taj Mahal Bangladesh

World’s second Taj Mahal is located 10 miles away from the capital of Bangladesh in Sonargon towards the east direction. Completed in just five years, it is a measured copy of original Taj Mahal. A wealthy film-maker of Bangladesh, Ahsanullah Moni, invested USD$56 Million in building the ‘Copycat version of Taj Mahal’ which was introduced in December 2008. Same as the Agra Taj, white marble was being used in the making of Bangla Taj. Owing to the use of advanced technology and machinery, it took less time than of original…

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