Delhi is a refugee colony

How Has The Partition of India Changed Delhi’s Population Demography? The government of India had defined many areas where these migrants could settle in the rural areas of Haryana and Punjab, but most of the refugees preferred to live in New Delhi and the empty lands of Shahjahanabad – Old Delhi. The Refugee inflow from Pakistan (mainly Turks, Rajputs, and Hindu Baniyas) after the Partition of India had changed the scenario of Delhi’s population demography. Most of the immigrants, who had entered the city to serve successive rulers, preferred to…

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The Iron Man of India Never Wanted Kashmir to join India, But Chacha Nehru did!

Pandit Nehru

Instead of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, how would the Iron Man of India, Vallabh Bhai Patel, have handled the Kashmir problem if he had the first prime minister of India? Historians, experts, and commentators of Indian politics point that Patel was not eager to have Kashmir with India. Today we have a small discussion on this panorama. What experts say about the issue? Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of East India Company, played an important role in drafting the Indian Independence Bill. Lord Mountbatten told Maharaja Hari Singh just two months…

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The Khalji Sultan Who Wished to Become the Second Alexander

Why Was Alauddin Khalji Not Passionate About Chasing Women? ʿAlāʾ Ud-Dīn Khaljī, the nephew and a son-in-law of his predecessor Jalal-Ud-Din Khilji, was earlier known as Juna Khan Khilji. The second ruler of the Khalji Dynasty was one of the most powerful Sultans of all Delhi Sultanates. Alauddin killed his uncle Jalaluddin Khilji even though he was very affectionate to him. Alauddin, governor of Kara (in Allahabad district), was given the position of Amir-i-Tuzuk which was equivalent to the master of ceremonies. Later on, he attained the governorship of Kara…

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Sam Manekshaw in the Days of Bangladesh Liberation War

Sam Manekshaw

The real story of Red James motorcycle  One of most tragic events in history was the partition of India and Pakistan. Millions of lives from both sides were uprooted and many lives lost their life during the transaction period. In our movies, books, and culture, the ripples of this historical event are still felt. There were a large number of shocking stories about the partition of the two countries which were always meant to stay together. One just unbelievable tale was of the Red James motorcycle of Sam Manekshaw. Before…

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Why is the advancement of time beneficial for India’s economic growth?

Time Zones

Binary time zones can accelerate India’s economic growth is a widely discussed topic, but do we know its actual consequences? India have a single time-zone, and we all know this fact. But not all of us are familiar about the effects of single and multiple time-zones. Let’s have a little discussion on the consequences. Our eastern and western borders are more than 2,000 km apart. Only one time-zone is not enough for a 1.3 billion country; we need multiple. We need a separate time zone for the eastern part of…

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