Taslima Nasreen completes 25 years exile, gets one year extension in India

Taslima Nasreen


Taslima Nasreen’s residence permit in India has been extended for one year. Who is Taslima Nasreen? She is a Bangladeshi – Swedish author. She belongs to a prestigious family in Bangladesh. She started writing when she was thirteen years. She was work in a government clinic in Dhaka in 1990. She left the national medical service in 1993. She started writing more than 30 books of poetry, novels, short stories, essays, and memories, and her books have been translated into 20 different languages. People have known for her writing on women oppression and criticism of religion, despite forced exile. She is a strong advocate of women’s right, freedom of thought, and human rights.

Taslima was forced out of her country because of her controversial writing, which many Muslim felt discredited. She had to leave Bangladesh in 11994 in the wake of a death threat by fundamentalist outfit for the alleged anti-Islamic views forcing her to live away from her country of birth for 25 years. She has been conservancy from her book Lajja. Some of her books are banned in Bangladesh and also revoked her Bangladeshi passport. In 2007 an attack by the Mob fanatics on Taslima in Hyderabad. She was kept under house arrest by the West Bengal government. The local government said to her leave the state after that. She will face more suffer from an identity crisis, which will affect her writing the cause of women’s right.

Taslima in India

She stayed in the US and Europe during past two decades. She returned in India 2012 and has been living in the country with the support of a residency permit usually issued for a one year term. She has been a residence permit continuously since 2004. She had expressed her wish on many occasions to live in India permanently, especially in Kolkata. She also had to leave Kolkata in 2007 following violent street protests by a section of Muslims against her works. On July 2018, Modi government issued a Visa to her 3 months residence permit. This will expire on October 27. Following which she took to twitter requesting to Home Minister Amit Shah for extending it for one year.  After putting the so many Twitter friend request to Home Minister Amit Shah has extended for a one-year residence permit. She said to thanks to all twitter friends and Home Minster to change the decisions.

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