10 Cleanest Cities of India in 2019

swachh bharat abhiyan

India is a developing country which is now on a pledge to be one of the cleanest countries across the globe. It is making a lot of concerns to make the cities clean, green, and better for the living. Our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has initiated the Swachh Bharat Mission which actually aims in achieving the vision of a Clean India. As a result, many cities in India are extremely clean and they make sure to maintain the cleanliness of their cities. Based on Cleanliness Survey 2019, the Government…

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Ujjain City

Ujjain, the Capital of Avanti kingdom in the 6th century, is one of the vital tourism spots in Madhya Pradesh as well as in India. Positioned below the tropic of cancer, the city is located on western side of the state and popularly known for Mahakaleshwar temple – an important Hindu pilgrim. Since ancient time Ujjain was famous for trade and commerce, education, politics, and religion. Many rulers try to capture Ujjain City in which Avanti kingdom emerged as strongest. It lost its political and commercial importance under the British…

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