DHOLERA SIR: A Greenfield City with Engineering Wonders

Dholera SIR residential area

Smart Cities are gradually coming into existence, and it is a doubtless fact that the cities to be developed with smart infrastructure are going to rebuild the urban landscape of the country. We all are familiar with the fact that the Government of India had announced the 100 Smart Cities Mission to make 100 safe, sustainable, and citizen-friendly cities across the country. Yes, the Government is facing challenges, but it does not mean that the project is not taking forward movements. Dholera SIR, positioned between Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad (around 100…

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10 Cleanest Cities of India in 2019

swachh bharat abhiyan

India is a developing country which is now on a pledge to be one of the cleanest countries across the globe. It is making a lot of concerns to make the cities clean, green, and better for the living. Our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has initiated the Swachh Bharat Mission which actually aims in achieving the vision of a Clean India. As a result, many cities in India are extremely clean and they make sure to maintain the cleanliness of their cities. Based on Cleanliness Survey 2019, the Government…

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India’s metro rail network is growing rapidly

Lucknow Metro

India’s growth curve is moving rapidly as the country is taking forward step in different sectors. India is now a reliving Navbharat where metro is a big project. The government is trying to connect more and more cities to the metro network. The first metro line service in India which connected Esplanade and Bhuwanipor in Kolkata in 1964. The people of Kolkata enjoyed and benefits of a metro system in today carries about 5 lakh passengers a day. Indian cities that have metro rail connectivity in services are Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru,…

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Placed at a distance of 23 km north of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar is the new capital city of Gujarat with the tag of the cleanest city in Asia. Architect H.K Muwada planned the second planned city of India (after Chandigarh). The birth place of Mahatma Gandhi is perhaps the most beautiful city of the Gujarat state; its 95% population is following Hinduism. The city with green fields and clean roads is also the political capital of the state of Gujarat. It offers pure and fresh air to breathe. This city has…

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Ahmedabad or Amdavad, which is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, is the largest city of Gujarat and the fifth most populous city of India. The second largest cotton producing city has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub. The city celebrates a wide range of festivals including Uttarayan (annual kite-flying day), Rath Yatra, Deepavali, and nine nights of Navratri. The 606-year-old city is carrying the tag of India’s first World Heritage City as it joins Cusco (Peru), Rhodes (Greece), Sintra (Portugal), Bergen (Norway), Chengde (China), Zanzibar…

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