DHOLERA SIR: A Greenfield City with Engineering Wonders

Dholera SIR residential area

Smart Cities are gradually coming into existence, and it is a doubtless fact that the cities to be developed with smart infrastructure are going to rebuild the urban landscape of the country. We all are familiar with the fact that the Government of India had announced the 100 Smart Cities Mission to make 100 safe, sustainable, and citizen-friendly cities across the country.

Yes, the Government is facing challenges, but it does not mean that the project is not taking forward movements. Dholera SIR, positioned between Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad (around 100 km south of Ahmedabad), is the perfect example of this urbanization movement. The First Platinum Rated Greenfield Industrial city in India is ready to offer world-class infrastructure, plug-and-play entertainment facility, affordable education, and easy-to-reach amenities.

Dholera SIR will be a city of strategic advantages

As per the MD and CEO of Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority (DSIRDA), the city with engineering marvel will be a city of strategic advantages. It is properly connected with the freight corridor, ports, road and rail services. However, Bhavnagar, Mundra, Pipavav, and Kandla are the nearest airports. This futuristic city will offer the second airport to the people of Ahmedabad, and it will become the biggest airport in the state. Received clearances from GOG, MOEF, and GOI, this airport will feature passenger terminals for International and Domestic flights along with a dedicated Cargo terminal for freight movement. An expressway is likely to be constructed between Dholera and Ahmedabad as an allied project. It will reduce travel time by 60 minutes. Check out some of the key highlights of the Greenfield City.

Dholera SIR

Top highlights of Dholera SIR

  1. India’s First Greenfield Smart city with a developable area of 422 Sq. Km
  2. The master plan of this city was made by Halcrow Group-UK
  3. It will be featured with global best administration practices
  4. It will be featured with world-class infrastructure and 10 lane expressways
  5. It has close proximity with GIFT City, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar
  6. It is developing on PPP (Public-private partnership) model
  7. ABCD Building will monitor the current status of all other buildings

Smart City

Dholera SIR is designed to serve the industrial requirements

The Government of Gujarat has introduced attractive incentive policies for the Start-ups to Mega & Ultra Mega Industries. As it is developed as Greenfield Industrial City, Dholera Sir will serve the diverse industrial requirements such as title land, reliable utilities and single point of contact for all the approvals. An office of Dholera Special Investment Region has been introduced at Dholera to simplify and supervise the work. Also, it is likely to offer a reduced life-cycle cost for business owners. Hence, the business will become more competitive in the globalised world.

Dholera SIR will be green

The MD of Dholera Industrial City Development said, “We want to develop and maintain Dholera as a green city. We are saying no to petrochemicals, chemicals and textile processing units that are keen to come to Dholera. We know that Dahej is saturated and petrochemicals would be keen to settle here. But we are keen to keep Dholera green as promised to our investors.” You will also be surprised to know that the city will offer a special purpose vehicle developed by the DMIC Trust and the government of Gujarat.

Dholera SIR City

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