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The tourism industry is rapidly growing in India which is no doubt great news for our sustainable development; it is likely to play a vital role in India’s economic growth. More than 10 million foreign tourists visited India in 2017 which is 13% more than its previous year’s 8.89 million. Delhi ranked at 28 by the number of arrivals, Mumbai ranked at 30, Chennai ranked at 43, Agra ranked at 45, and Jaipur ranked at 52 have been the top five visited cities of India by the foreign tourists in 2015. Nevertheless, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh were the most popular states for foreign tourists. In total, 8,804,411 foreign tourists came to India in 2016. Here you can find the list of 10 countries with the maximum number of international tourist arrivals. Quite interestingly, these ten countries are covering 63.43% of foreign tourist arrivals in India in 2016.

Country Number of Tourists Share in Percentage
United States 1,296,939 14.73
United Kingdom 941,883 10.7
Bangladesh 1,380,409 15.68
China 251,313 2.85
Sri Lanka 297,418 3.38
Australia 293,625 3.33
Germany 265,928 3.02
Malaysia 301,961 3.43
France 238,707 2.71
Canada 317,239 3.6

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The involvement of Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning, Travel Bots, ChatBots or Robots –in tourism and hospitality industry is going to enhance the flow of foreign tourists. Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines has recently introduced an app for real-time tracking of your luggage. Proper Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet of Things have considerable potentials to change the future of travel and tourism industry. Augmented Reality is also likely to be introduced in this industry for the enhancement of consumer experience. Soon, the airlines will use VR Tech to show passengers the cabins in virtual reality which will help them in selling more expensive tickets. Very soon, you will be allowed to make self-check-in and along with online bill settlements. The facility of self-check-in self-check-out will reduce your waiting time. To initiate the facilities and faculties of direct hotel room bookings, Google’s has recently introduced Google Hotel Ads – a commission based model on confirmed bookings – which is considered as the next big thing of the tourism industry. It will change the way you browse and search hotels.

India Travel Industry

Cruise Tourism in India

Adventure Tourism in India

Medical and Wellness Tourism in India

Heritage Tourism in India

Eco-Tourism in India

Film Industry Tourism in India

Pilgrimage Tourism in India

Golf Tourism in India

Polo Tourism in India

Spiritual Tourism in India

Deep Kalra, Chairman of MakeMyTrip, stated during Incredible India 2.0, “With the evolution of tech-enabled startups and newer concepts like the staycation, adventure tourism, ecotourism, medical tourism and pilgrimage tourism across the country the industry is at the cusp of potential growth.”

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