PONDICHERRY: The Paris of the East

The Paris of the East


Pondicherry is a small and beautiful city in the southern part of India. It is popularly called Pondee or Pondy. Pondicherry also has known as the official capital of the Pondicherry union territory. The city is in the Pondicherry district of the union territory and surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu. The French East India Company founded this city in 1674. The French governess to the Indian union took place in 1954 was established as the union territory of Pondicherry. Transfer of territory agreement was done between India and France in 1962. Peoples speak Tamil in Pondicherry, while French people in Pondicherry and number of French institutions such as Consulate of France in Pondicherry. The best time to visit this city is November to February.


How to reach Pondicherry?

  1. Puducherry Airport
  2. Karaikal Airport
  3. Chennai Airport
  4. Villupuram Railway Junction


Which are the famous places in Pondicherry?

  1. Paradise Beach
  2. Auroville Ashram
  3. Seaside Promenade
  4. Promenade Beach
  5. Serenity Beach
  6. Auroville Beach
  7. Aurobindo Ashram
  8. Arikamedu
  9. Chunnambar Boat House
  10. Scuba Diving
  11. Basilica of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus
  12. Water sports
  13. Botanical Garden
  14. Raj Niwas
  15. French War Memorial
  16. Shri Manakula Vinayaga Temple
  17. Pondicherry Museum
  18. Gokilambal Thirukameswar temple
  19. Chidambaram
  20. Shri Karaneshwar Nataraja Temple

Beaches in Pondicherry

Which are the famous hotels in Pondicherry?

  1. Le Royal Park
  2. RKN Beach Resort
  3. Club Mahindra Puducherry
  4. Accord
  5. Grand Serena Hotels & Resort
  6. Ginger Pondicherry
  7. The Sunway Manor
  8. Le Dupleix
  9. Raj residency

Why is Pondicherry called The Paris of the East?

The small French town located in the eastern coast of India Pondicherry is also known as the “Paris of the East”. The city is filled heritage French building, and the French culture can be still being experience even after 50 years of independent. The French have also left their lot of fun-loving nature behind, the nightlife in the weekends gets pretty happening. This city interacts with people from France, Germany, Russia, Italy, America, Canada, and other countries. This destination is blessed with a mixed culture, diverse traditions, beautiful beaches, and ultimate spirituality. If you are one of those who are the wooer of Indian foods, Indian culture, heritage sites, and natural beauty such as beaches to hang out with your friends, then this is the right place you to visit.

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