DARJEELING: The Queen of Hills

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling, known as the most beautiful city in West Bengal, is located in the Himalayas at an elevation of 6700 ft. It is a popular tourist destination most popular, especially known as a hills station. It holds a surprising natural gem and unbelievable topography, thus its former known as “place of thunderbolt”. This city carries a strong influence of the British style of living like public school, hotels, and houses construction in the city. Here are the nearest airports and railway stations in Darjeeling or nearby.


How to reach Darjeeling?

  1. Bagdogra Airport
  2. Bhadrapur Airport
  3. Tumlingtar Airport
  4. Biratnagar Airport
  5. Saidpur Airport
  6. Himalayan Railway Station

What are the famous things to see in Darjeeling?

  1. Tiger Hill
  2. Himalayan Mountaining Institute
  3. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
  4. Batasia Loop
  5. The Japanese Peace Pagoda
  6. The Ghoom Monastery
  7. Tea Gardens
  8. Singalila National Park
  9. Bengal Natural History Museums
  10. Lloyds Botanical Garden

What are the famous hotels in Darjeeling?

  1. Sinclairs Darjeeling
  2. May Fair
  3. Singtom Tea Estate & Resort
  4. Dekeling Hotel
  5. Mognalia Residency
  6. Hotel Villa Everst
  7. Little Singamari home stay

Why is Darjeeling known as a tea producing land?

Darjeeling is also known as a land of tea. It is processed as black, green, white and oolong tea. Darjeeling Tea is normally made small-leaved Chinese, the large leave Assam plant and Darjeeling tea is made black tea, oolong and green tea are more commonly produce. It can only refer to tea that has been cultivated grown, produced, manufactured and process in the tea garden. There are around 90 tea gardens in the Darjeeling hills. Theses gardens cover over 17500 hectares of land and producing over 9 million kg of tea per year.

Why is Darjeeling called The Queen of Hills?

Darjeeling is popular in hills and tourism attraction places. It has once again witnessed a regular inflow of both domestic and international tourists. Now around 50,000 foreign and 500,000 domestic tourists visit the Darjeeling each year and its look on the “Queen of the Hills”. Many tourists visit this place for seeing the natural beauty of nature. It is the biggest street shopping place in Darjeeling. In 1999, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Station was declared the “World Heritage Site”. It is also a popular filming destination for Bollywood and Bengali Cinema. Some Bollywood movies such as Main Hoo Na, Aradhana, Parineeta and recently Barfi have been filmed here.

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