How to convince

It is doubtlessly not an easy job to convince others, but relationship consultants, business leaders, master sales associates, and motivational speakers are doing it with no trouble. How are they doing this job with ease – better than others? They are probably not following any supernatural strategy to convince others. These groups of people are trying to understand other’s mindset, which is perhaps the most useful secret of convincing people. This is the perfect video for you if you are curious to know the process of understanding other’s mind. Hence, you will now get to know the process of understanding the mindset of a person you are talking with.

Build an emotional connection

Your job will be more comfortable if you connect a person first and then convey your message. An emotional connection is easy to build, but it is powerful enough to construct an in-depth conversation and deliver a lasting impression. To establish an emotional connection, you need to observe the person carefully and do the CDINE analysis appropriately.

Do your CDINE analysis

C – Concern

D – Desire

I – Interest

N – Need

E – Expectation

Be unbiased, avoid strong arguments

When you are doing your CDINE analysis, you must be open to listen and accept anything that is against you or your organisation. We suggest you be unbiased when you are in the process of understanding.

Do not assume, ask questions

While talking to a person, you should not make any assumption about his/her concern, desire, interest, need, or expectation. You could ask questions as an alternative. In addition, it is not possible for you to know his/her intentions without asking questions. Hence, questions are the keys to CDINE analysis. In this process, you should not ask those questions which are related to the black pages of his/her life. Some of the chapters of our past life are undesired, and we want to forget those early. If you try to unfold any of those pages, it will affect that person sentimentally. It irritates a person more when a closely related person does the same.

Be a possibility or a problem solver

One of the most exceptional ways to convince a person is to be a hope, a possibility, or a problem solver. Try to solve it if there is a problem. Your intention to solve a problem will be more visible to the person you are talking with. If you concentrate on analysing the cause of a problem, you may find it easily. The real reason behind the concerned problem will help you in finding out its probable solutions. However, your job will be easier if both side involvements are there.

Make the person feel important

If you make a little try to appreciate the person you are talking with, it will be an easy job for you to make him/her feel important. To do that, you merely need to focus on the positive aspects of his/her character. In this process, you are suggested to avoid pointing out the negative characteristics or giving fake compliments. None of us expects to listen about the negatives from a less known person.

Do not insult, underestimate

If you try to insult or underestimate the person you are talking with, it will not be an easy job for you to build the desired connection. Without an emotional attachment, you could find it challenging to convince. Also, do not try to apply your superiority if it is likely to bring a negative result.

Do not make strong arguments

Do not try to argue with the person you are talking with or associated with. Strong augments are harmful to relation health. If necessary, make honest discussions. Nobody expects to be argued badly by known or unknown people. Polite approaches are always better options for the enhancement of your relation graph.

Listen without saying you’re wrong

Do not ask questions without listening to the entire matter. On the way to convince people, it is always a beneficial option for you to hear to a person without saying you are wrong. This will help you in your CDINE analysis. But yes, you must admit if you are wrong.

Apply the PSP rule

P – Praise

S – Suggestion

P – Praise

Your shoes look elegant. They have great designs.

If possible, could you please keep them outside of the room?

I want to get a similar pair of shoes. How much do I need?

Give more

You should try to give at least one percent more than the result of your NCIE analysis. At the same time, you should know that the approach of giving more has to be within the limit. If you go beyond the one percent limit, it may reduce your desirability.

Keep your intentions right

In the process of giving more, it is vital for you to keep the intentions right. For the sake of being more desirable, do not try to indulge fake intentions. A phoney complement may give you a short-term result, not a lasting one. It even can reduce the desirability of right intentions.

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