India’s upcoming mega expressway projects

Delhi Meerut Expressway

  India is one of the fastest highway developing countries in the world. It is currently building 27 km of highways every day, and the speed is growing every month. Many iconic highways projects have already been completed. In the last 5 years, India has witnessed a number of the highways project and several road connectivity bridges. 2019 Lok Sabha election has virtually put the brakes on three mega expressway project in Uttar Pradesh that total about 55000 crores. The three big proposed projects include Ganga Expressway, Bundelkhand Expressway, and…

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India with 4G: Patna, Kanpur are better than Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

India with 4G network

The mobile network is spreading its wings across the globe. According to open signals report for 4G availability, 50 Indian cities scored over 80% availability of the 4G network. It brings the country in the list as the world’s developed mobile markets. The highest 4G coverage race has been played out, and the operator needs to focus on continuing to increase network capacity. Bharti Airtel Ltd was the first company to launch 4G service in Indian City Kolkata while after some time the entry of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. in…

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10 Cleanest Cities of India in 2019

swachh bharat abhiyan

India is a developing country which is now on a pledge to be one of the cleanest countries across the globe. It is making a lot of concerns to make the cities clean, green, and better for the living. Our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has initiated the Swachh Bharat Mission which actually aims in achieving the vision of a Clean India. As a result, many cities in India are extremely clean and they make sure to maintain the cleanliness of their cities. Based on Cleanliness Survey 2019, the Government…

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India is likely to hold 50% of international tourism & hospitality industry by 2022

Tourism in India

The changing picture of India’s Tourism Industry India’s Tourism potential is vast; our economy is multiplying rapidly. In adherence to the World Travel & Tourism, India is about to become 4th largest travel and tourism economy behind China, the USA, and Germany. India is famous for its rich culture; it’s every state has a rich cultural, historical heritage, diverse ecology, architectural solidity, and places of natural beauty spread across the country. Tourism is an also significant source of foreign exchange for the country. Last three years, their most popular destination…

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MUNDI: The power hub city

Mandi the power hub city

  Mundi is an ancient city in Indian state Madhya Pradesh; it is thousand years old and surrounded by a forest in the Narmada River valley. Mundi lies in the Nimar Region which includes the lower valley of the Silver River, Narmada River, and Kherkhali River. Some other famous tourist places are nearby Mundi city such as Singaji, ST Bokhardas Gulabdas Dham, Hanumantiya Island, and Adventurous Water Sports. Mostly Mundi village peoples speak Hindi, English, and Nimadi and Write in the Devanagari script. The name of the city was derived…

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MALDA: The Mango City

Malda Mango

  Malda is a historically relevant city and one of the biggest cities in West Bengal. The city is positioned at the meeting line of two rivers Mahananda and Kalindi Rivers. It has two municipalities – English Bazar municipality and Old Malda municipality. The district headquarters is English Bazar, also known as Malda. This city is famous for the Folk art from called Gombhira. Almost national Channels and local media channels are operated throughout the city such as Malda Today, MCN News, CCN, High TV, Sabar Cable, Sabar Monorenjan, etc. …

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India’s metro rail network is growing rapidly

Lucknow Metro

India’s growth curve is moving rapidly as the country is taking forward step in different sectors. India is now a reliving Navbharat where metro is a big project. The government is trying to connect more and more cities to the metro network. The first metro line service in India which connected Esplanade and Bhuwanipor in Kolkata in 1964. The people of Kolkata enjoyed and benefits of a metro system in today carries about 5 lakh passengers a day. Indian cities that have metro rail connectivity in services are Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru,…

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