Chhindwara Museum

Chhindwara, a city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the largest cities in the Satpura Range. It is surrounded by dense forest, river, and lush green field. The meaning of “chhind” means (date palm or khajoor) and “wara” means place. The people live here speak in Gondi and Hindi mixed with Marathi. And the most celebrated cultural festivals in the city are Pola, Bhujalia, Megnath, Akhadi and Harijyoti. Many festivals are celebrated in the district and nearby village include ‘Chouth Ka Dangal’ and ‘Panchmi Ka Mela and are also dance celebrated like Sela dance, Gedi dance, Nagpanchmi dance etc. The Gotmar Mela is a unique and world-renowned fair. This city is home to many famous temples and mosques. It is the home of the brands like – Raymond and Hindustan Unilever and also home of old industries like – leather moot, zinc, bell metal and brass. It exports vegetables to nearby districts. There are many attraction points for the tourist palaces of Chhindwara. These places are available with amazing holiday spot.

Hindustan Unilever

Deogarh Fort

It is the first palace visit in the city. The distance of this fort from the central part of Chhindwara is 30 kms. The construction of this fort was done by Ruler Jatav. This fort design is similar in looks like Mughals.

Tribal Museum

Built on 20 April 1954, the other name of the museum is Shri Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum. There are 14 rooms, 3 galleries and 2 open lobbies in the museum. It is exclusive and antique collection of items to the tribal living.


It is an amazing landscape which attracts to the visitor every year. When you reach the top of the hill, the palace looks like a horseshoe. The beautiful landscape is the depth of 1200 -1500 feet in a valley.


The located at 45 km distance from the city. The rest house is on the hill and covers the city with deep forest. There are many special things see like steep hills, winding ghat and dense forest.

Chota Mahadev Cave

It is located ½ km distance from Tamia to Chota Mahadev Cave. It is believed that the cave is blessed with the blessings of God Shankara and holy Shivalinga. There is small waterfall from the spot and different feeling as well.


Jamma Masjid

It is Muslim spot. The local people believe in peace, healthy relation and trust. It will find a different feeling about the diverse communities located in Chhindwara.

Lilahi Waterfall

It is so beautiful Lilahi Waterfall. It is located in the downstream of the river ‘Kanhan’. This palace visit by between July to January to see the natural beauty of the region.


The located is around 40 km away from Chhindwara district. It is known for its forest, and natural resources like chironji/chorli assort of dry fruit. It is apart from the above-mentioned tourist spots including Tendukheda, Raini, Pindrai, Natwara, patan, Bil- Pather and Shahpura.


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