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The capital city of Rajasthan, founded on 18 November 1727, was once ranked among the seventh best places to visit in Asia. It was named after the founder Maharaja Jai Singh. Jaipur Municipal Corporation maintains the city which is a popular tourist destination and widely regarded as the pink city of India. The people living in this city speak Rajasthani, Marwari, Dhunadlai, Hindi and English.


Jaipur’s architecture, culture

Having three gates facing east, west, and north, the city was planned based on the principal of Shilpa Shasta and Vastu Shasta. It was the first planned city of ancient India. The eastern entrance called Suraj pol, the western entrance is called Chand pol, and the northern entrance is called the ancestral capital of Amer. There are statues which are portraying Rajasthani culture around the city. Jaipur has many traditional shops selling Antiques and Handcrafts. It has its own performing Art which is one of the most exceptional things the city offers. It is a Gharana of major north Indian classical dance called Kathak; Ghoomar is a popular folk dance style in Jaipur. Jaipur is also famous for hosting to one of the biggest Literature festivals in the country.

Jaipur, the pink city

As we have mentioned earlier, Jaipur is popularly called as the Pink City in India because most of the historic buildings are painted with terracotta pink colour. The paint, which is highly durable in Jaipur’s dry weather, was formulated from calcium oxide compound. The forts, houses, and many historical places were painted pink colour in 1876. There is a historical reason and fascinating story behind painted pink colour. The Prince of Wales along with the Queen Victoria had a tour to India. That time the king of Jaipur, Maharaja Swami Ram Singh, was one of the richest and mighty kings of our country.

Jaipur is the pink city

To welcome Lord Albert, the king did paint the entire city is the pink colour. He had chosen pink because it shows the hospitality and welcoming. And the largest city of Rajasthan still maintains the tradition of pink colour. The queen of Jaipur convinced Maharaja Swami Ram Singh by law to paint the building pink in 1877. Today people of this city are following this law.

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