The Mughal Emperor who built white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna River wanted to build a second mausoleum in black color. It is believed by some people. But as per a great number of Historians, the plan to construct a Black Taj Mahal was a myth. Instead, Shah Jahan wanted to build a Moonlight Garden there. However, the 561 feet long 17th-century building is carrying India’s rich history.

Black Taj Mahal was a myth, but a Green Taj Mahal could be expected after 500 years of its establishment. Mumtaz’s perfectly-structured home in paradise is initiated by Agra’s growing pollution which is not a good thing at all. It is gradually turning brownish and greenish. Backed by a bench of Justices, the Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the government to hire international experts for the preservation of Shah Jahan’s masterpiece. “Money should not be the consideration. We might order you to hire experts from within India or abroad. We need to save it,” the Supreme Court judge urged.

The SC, which had been fighting a legal battle to the World Heritage Site for the last 30 years, claimed that the state government had not followed the issued orders. Yes, the bureaucratic incompetence is the main reason behind this so-called problem. In addition to this, the wooden foundations are rotting which could ruin this beautiful monument.

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